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Any investment in technology to deliver improved printing services should do just that, improve what you print, how you print, and deliver services that are better than before, quicker than before and more efficient than before, the investment should to deliver. If the hardware provides improved print quality, faster printing and lower costs what does any software do?

Sadly, too many resellers focus on the boxes and the clicks for that is how the staff are rewarded.  Any software supplied maybe used to bump up the value of the contract and we have seen extortionate costs added for software and consultancy that frequently fails to deliver. Any effort to exploit the opportunities that the software offers is down to the client to workout.


We can help. Our core software product is PlanetPress, many of our clients had been sold this software as part of wider reaching contract that would include many devices to support a production and / or fleet environment.

If you do not own PlanetPress we are accredited resellers and you can buy the software outright or choose to have an annual license.

Almost all of the production print sellers promote PlanetPress with the key exception being Xerox who prefer to sell their own solution. PlanetPress works well on almost any printing platform and we have used it to great effect on Ricoh, Canon, Xerox, Konica, HP, Sharp and other systems.

PlanetPress delivers personalised print, email and web based content with a very powerful workflow and automation tool and thanks to its datamapping application is able to work with almost any input data including CSV, Excel, Text, PDF, XML and others.

We also work with hybrid mail and web-2-print systems

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