ZyberDigital are an independent consultancy specialising in supporting organisations who use digital printing systems for mail fulfilment and / or digital publishing.  We have over 20 years’ experience with the IT and Print Industry delivering innovative solutions to clients in the public and commercial sectors.


We are able to support organisation who wish to


  • Use Objectif Lune PlanetPress Suite to automate your printing systems to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and support channel switch to email and web
  • Optimise and integrate print and mailing systems to reduce postal costs, increase volumes and support Hybrid Mail
  • Exploit E-commerce solutions and the benefits this can bring in terms of increased volumes, improved efficiency and customer service
  • Assist your procurement of printing, mailing and other supporting systems to meet your needs, expectations and budget


PlanetPress and Automation


Our preferred product for managing and automating document production and mail fulfilment projects is the PlanetPress Suite of products. With the launch of PlanetPress Connect in 2015 the opportunities to take advantage of the multichannel approach to communication will present opportunities for your organisation to exploit. If you are already a user of PlanetPress or new to the product we can help you develop the product to deliver a more efficient service and extend the services you offer.  Please contact us for more details of our services please click HERE or for more detailed explanations of Document Composition, Automation and PlanetPress plesse click HERE


Optimisation of Mailing Processes


Working with PlanetPress we can help you optimise your mailing volumes to reduce postal costs for your client and increase the efficiency of your mailing operation to work with your mailing systems. Integrate Royal Mail Mailmark barcodes to further reduce postal costs and improve mail tracking and analysis.


Hybrid Mail has been around for a number of years and has matured to the point that it is almost mainstream.  Hybrid mail can mean different things to different people and even the suppliers have different views. The choice of products, service delivery models and functionality is a minefield but the benefits of a properly installed and configured Hybrid Mail System are difficult to argue against. We do not sell Hybrid Mail systems but we are familiar with them , the benefits and pitfalls they all bring. Each organisation has its own priorities, cultures and objectives for a Hybrid Mail system and we can help you on the path. If you are considering Hybrid Mail then please contact us and we can explain our services in more details, click HERE.  If you would like a more detailed explanation of Hybrid Mail then please click HERE


E-Commerce and Web-2-Print


If you are seeking to extend your digital printing services onto the internet to increase your volumes or you are an in-plant service seeking to encourage your internal clients to submit work electronically then a Web-2-Print systems may be an investment worth considering. There are many systems available some have been around for many years and new products are coming to the market almost every month. Choosing the right system for your business will be critical to an effective implementation. If you are considering investing in a web-2-print system then please contact us and we can explain our services in more details, click HERE.  If you would like a more detailed explanation of E-Commerce / Web-2-Print please click HERE




With the exception of the PlanetPress Suite of products we are vendor neutral. If you are looking to procure hardware for printing and mailing or supporting software we can be objective and provide independent subject matter expertise.  We will seek to understand your business needs to ensure the suppliers can deliver a solution to match. We know the right questions to ask on your behalf and we can make recommendations but the final decision will always be yours to take.  If you are considering investing in digital printing or mailing systems then please contact us and we can explain our services in more details, please click HERE


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