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We provide support to a wide range of clients from SME’s to large public-sector authorities with an emphasis on Business Process Transformation in relation to the organisations production of documents and the effective design and management of these documents. 

We are approved to supply and install a number of software applications including Objectif Lunes PlanetPress Connect and associated systems.


Other than PlanetPress by Objectif Lune we are vendor neutral and do not supply any IT, Print or Mail Fulfilment hardware. We do have extensive knowledge of the print and mail fulfilment sector and our projects have been delivered to organisations that use Rioch, Konica, Xerox, Pitney Bowes, Neopost and many other vendors equipment. 

We're fully certified!

OL Accredited Solutions Architect

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Tel: 07862 735779 Email: info@ZyberDigital.co.uk