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Some examples of our work

Smart Meter Mailing

A national utility company approached a client of ours to manage their mailing for a new customer campaign around smart meters.  We were tasked with the core documents with the content driven by the utility company’s data using rules-based processes.

This approach allowed us to generate over 100 different variations of documents / narratives direct to printer with full document integrity bar codes on the document.

Daily processing workflow was established and it took minutes to produce over 1000 documents direct to printer. 

Payroll Payslip Production

We were approached by a payroll bureau client of ours who wanted to remove zero and negative payslips from the payslip files. They had approached their payroll software vendor and asked them to do this at source, they were quoted a fee of around £5,000 as it was classed as bespoke work and it would also led to an increase to their annual support costs for ongoing maintenance.

We implemented this within a day and added additional value by not only removing these payslips from production files but routing them, via email to the bureau for further action.

Hybrid Mail Integration

A client of ours had inherited the corporate hybrid mail system as part of a far reaching and on-going business transformation program. It produced hundreds of documents each day but each one was processed and enveloped manually.

The client asked if we could integrate it with their PlanetPress workflow system to automate the process and add mailing system bar codes.

Working with the Hybrid Mail vendor and the client we developed a rather elegant solution that removed virtually all manual interventions and touchpoints delivering the documents direct to printer with document integrity barcodes for mailing system enclose.

This will likely save the client 5 hours and more per day, enable them to provide a same day dispatch service and support significant growth as demanded by the organisation business transformation program.  The centralised service will be able to take advantage of lower postal costs and reduce the need for 1st class postal service.


Not all Experts are Experts

Whilst working on a project for a new client we were told not to use their live system from 2pm for a couple of hours each day whilst their billing run was processed. It would appear this process had been developed and established a few years back by a consultant supplied by their well-known digital printing systems supplier.

We had established similar systems for other clients and based on our experience the process would usually take minutes and not hours, as such we offered to investigate as a goodwill gesture, which the client agreed with.

It didn’t take us long to realise the “expert” who had developed the solution had made some fundamental errors and whilst the process worked it was grossly inefficient. We made some changes and within the hour reduced the processing time to around 5 minutes per day.

We have come across similar issues in other locations where so called experts have developed inefficient solutions.


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