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Business Process Transformation

There are many tools and techniques used to review and optimise any business processes. We don’t pretend to use them all, our core focus is on document creation, production and distribution. We look to identify each task and eliminate tasks that add no value, tasks that are duplicated and question the value / scope of other tasks.


Consistent and accurate data are essential in supporting effective business processes and the quality of your documents will add morevalue as well as supporting your brand.

We work with the client to look at bottlenecks, manual touchpoints, blackholes and problem areas and look to streamline ALL processes.


We will work with you to ensure that data is consistent and accurate. Your data will drive document production, workflow, automation, transpromo material using rules based selection.  

Document Design

Your documents need to designed to be accurate in terms of content and brand consistency and some may need to be optimised for mailing systems. Not all documents are for print, maybe emailed, some maybe for electronic archive and the design should consider and take advantage of the channels to be used.


We can help organisations with this having created over a thousand documents for a wide range of clients.  


Workflow systems can route your data to be processed based on rules based logic that may consider content within the data, current date and time, available resources and the actions of other processes. The workflow can validate data, report exceptions and alert support staff of any issues if required. 


We can help organisations with this having created hundreds of workflows processing many different types of data.



Workflows can be fully automated to process your data 24/7/365 without any manual intervention. Exceptions can be reported via email and other channels as needed. Workflows can be open at all times or restricted to user defined schedules. 

Additional services

We are also Subject Matter Experts in the following areas: 


  • Digital Printing Systems Procurement
  • Mail Fulfilment Systems Procurement
  • Hybrid Mail
  • Web-2-Print


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