PlanetPress Overview

PlanetPress Suite

PlanetPress Suite is a complete software solution which allows for the creation of personalised transactional, promotional and personal variable data documents. These documents can be printed, emailed or accessed via the web. The documents can also be imaged and indexed for importing into back-office EDM systems.


The suite consists of a number of modules to create documents, automate document processing, model data, image processing, mail optimisation and delivery systems to support print, email and web. 


Planet Press Suite is scalable so that it can grow as your operation grows with entry level supporting several thousand documents per day to an enterprise solution supporting millions of document per day. 


PlanetPress can support data formats including legacy mainframe applications such as ASCII text files as well as CSV, XML, PDF and Database Files. Output can be sent to print, with almost all printers supported, as well has HTML Email and Websites.


Image files such as TIFF, GIFF, PDF and other formats can be output for import into back-office EDM systems.  


Mailing systems are supported with the addition of OMR / Bar Codes as well as postal barcodes such as Royal Mail Mailmark can also be supported.


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