Document Composition

PlanetPress has its own document design application enabling you to create documents for print, email and the internet. Resources such as logo's, signatures, Java snippets, and HTML CSS (cascading style sheets) can be shared between all document types and dragged and dropped onto the "page".


Your data can drive the contents of the document, the application uses rules based logic to manipulate the contents according to the value of the data. The correct digital signature can be placed on the document to match the account manager listed in the data, OMR codes for your mailing systems can be set to include / exclude promotional mailing inserts or printed onserts based on the contents of the data.


You can generate linked documents for your clients that respect the nature of the communication channel.  It may take several days for a letter to be printed, posted and delivered whilst an email is usually available almost as soon as its been sent. You may find it useful to email a client as well as writing to them. A common example is to send an email confirming a refund cheque / credit has been processed and will be with them in a matter of days, this may prevent clients calling chasing up their refund.  Of course it maybe that in many cases a printed letter is no longer required and your clients are happy to receive only an email notification.


All output that is printed, emailed or generated for the web can also be imaged for importing into your back-office EDM systems. A wide variety of formats are supported including PDF / JPG / TIF / GIF as well as index files to aid the import and image linking process used by your systems. 


If you wish to print your documents then almost all modern printers are supported. In many cases printer finishing and media selection can be controlled by PlanetPress but the extent of this support will vary by printer model / class / manufacturer.

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