Automated Workflow

PlanetPress Suite has a powerful workflow and automation system called PlanetPress Watch. This monitors systems and services for the receipt of data files. Each workflow can be set to run at all times or at specific days / times during the day / week / month.  When data arrives this triggers actions within the workflow to process the data.


In simple terms the automation can simply merge data with your document and process to print / email / web, more complex automated processes can take place that merge data files for processing in bulk at the end of the day.


Data can be manipulated, validated, excluded, merged, sorted, imaged and optimised for mailing services allowing the client to take advantage of lower cost mailing services. 


Sophisticated tools are available to handle or create metadata and to use the data to drive look-up tables to extract additional data not present in the core data. A common use is to locate an email address using a client id code present in the core data with a look-up table located on an Excel spreadsheet.


The workflow can support the processing of scripts using many scripting languages including VBS, Cscript, Python, Java


The workflow application allows for many routine process to fully automated with management by exception. Email notifications can be sent to clients and support staff on data receipt and / or when errors are detected. Imaged files can be passed back to clients for further processing by their EMD systems.

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