Hybrid Mail

Hybrid mail has the potential to deliver significant cost savings by reducing the cost of postage, printing, administration and franking costs.


For any organisation considering investing in hybrid mail then they will need to consider the impact of this on their back-office functions, the impact on the organisations culture and the changes they will need to make to maximise the return on investment.


There are three core hybrid mail processing models that are generally available but additional complexity can be added.


  • Internal - Documents are routed by the hybrid mail system to your own print and mail fulfilment centre.
  • External. Documents are routed by the hybrid mail system to the suppliers (or their agents) print and mail fulfilment centre.
  • Third Party. Documents are routed by the hybrid mail system to a 3rd party of your choice.


Some suppliers will support all 3 options but many will only support a single option with a common theme being to route your documents to the suppliers own processing centre.


Capital investment cost will vary as will operational costs, the general rule being the greater the initial investment the lower the operational costs.  Return on investment can be rapid but much will depend on how effective the client implements and manages any hybrid mail solution. 


We do not sell any hybrid mail applications, we are vendor neutral and independent. We have not seen all the hybrid mail systems that are available (there are so many) but we have seen most of the market leaders and we have yet to find a solution that will manage ALL of your office mail, be wary of any supplier that suggests they can do everything, there are always exceptions.


If you are considering investment in hybrid mail we would be delighted to work with you from an early stage. We would be able to help build a specification based on your business needs, formulate a robust business case and work with you to select the most appropriate supplier that matches your business needs, budget and implementation timetable.  Please contact us for more details

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