Bulk Mail / System Mail Processing

Organisations who process a significant volume system generated mail in house using centralised corporate services are well positioned to exploit mail products and services that reduce their postal costs and improve efficiency.  Most organisations will be using some or all of the options below.


  • Automated mail fulfilment systems with intelligent barcode document integrity / OMR


This ensures documents are fulfilled by the machine as a complete pack with the correct inserts processed. Errors are reported to operator / and or diverted to manual process station.


  • Address validation and verification systems to prevent items being sent with the wrong address


Incomplete or erroneous address will likely led to the item being returned. Items that fail the verification checks are rejected and sent back to issuing department for correction thus saving the postage and processing costs and ensuring the organisations clients get a better service.


  • Royal Mail or other Business Mail Product


These products are lower cost than standard products and many offer volume based discounts. Also improves on the organisations cash flow as these are paid on account.


  • Standardise C5 PPI Envelopes for letter class mail


Reducing the number of different envelopes reduces the costs of envelopes as organisations can take advantage of bulk discounts. Fewer envelopes also means you can consolidate your print files into bigger runs for processing making the  mailing process more efficient with less set ups.


  • Consolidated mailing to optimise printing and mailing processes


It is more efficient to process 5 large files of 2000 letters than to process 50 files of 200 letters and being able to consolidate files for mailing will produce significant benefits. In some cases it is possible to consolidate all mailing into one or two files for the most optimal mail processing.


  • Organisational mail policy to steer staff away from premium 1st class products to lower cost products.


Organisations may find a policy on mail advantageous. It can prevent silo operations being established by restricting the purchase of franking machines and directing staff to use 2nd class mail by default. Can also offer support when establishing new systems when printed mail is to be output and support those seeking to adopt other channels such as email.  


  • Royal Mail Mailmark Barcode


Royal Mail Mailmark is the preferred method of sending business mail to Royal Mail and this is reflected in a lower cost. Those organisations taking advantage of the Royal Mail Mailmark service may also want to exploit the enhanced delivery reports provided by Royal Mail on a daily basis to fix feed into back office systems and monitor delivery performance. 


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