Mail Processing

Sending mail is recognised as being one of the most effective methods of communication.  Sending letters has been around for hundreds of years but its only in the last decade or so that its dominance has been challenged.  We can now send emails that can be delivered to the recipient within seconds no matter where they are in the world and with the advent of social media the same message can be delivered to literally millions of people within minutes.


And yet the humble letter is still usually the most effective and unique method of communication. There is a tangible product, it is sensory, it has texture, it may be personalised and you can physically interact with it, the same cannot be said of an email or news feed from social media. 


Organisations send letters for a number of reasons, some due to a regulatory need, some feel it is the most appropriate form of communication and some documents just cannot be sent via email.  Whatever the reason to send a letter it's important that this is done in the most efficient and cost effective method.


Business mail can be split into two general categories, system generated mail and office generated mail.


  • System generated mail is usually generated by the organisations line of business systems and may include invoices, statements, marketing material, credit notes, reminder notices and other documents related to the business.  Some of these documents will be processed automatically.


  • Office generated mail will be mail created by an employee at their desktop. This maybe in response to a query, request for information or based on an exception raised by the system requiring manual intervention.


System generated mail lends itself to bulk processing by a specialist print and mail team who have the equipment to manage the volumes in an efficient way, whilst office generated mail is usually processed one piece at a time in the local office. Smaller organisations with limited volumes may treat both types of mail as the same. 


The postage costs for standard letter mail can be reduced by managing mail more effectively. Smaller organisations can use "smart" franking machines to reduce the cost of postage and larger organisations can consolidate their mailings to take advantage of business mail products offered by Royal Mail and other downstream access providers.  We have a track record of helping organisations reduce their postal costs. If you would like more information on our services then please contact us.


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