Using the internet to deliver new services can increase volumes and improve efficiency for almost any print unit. In-Plant units and commercial units can use E-commerce services in many ways to:


  • Automate routine print work submission direct to printing estate


  • Provide on-line estimating, proofing and order tracking


  • Provide on-line billing using credit card payment portals improving cash flow


  • Provide templates for core items such as business cards


  • Integrate the ordering and fulfilment of catalogue / stock items


E-Commerce will generally allow the unit to focus on the higher value non-standard work whilst the e-commerce site/s looks after the routine lower value items.


Any e-commerce system will require investment but the main investment will be the time needed to set up the site and products. With many solutions available on the market place and many different pricing models its important that your commitment is fully understood.


Cloud based systems can offer low cost investment with many charging a fixed monthly fee as well as transaction or click charges. You may find that these are restricted to a single portal or shop front and extending this to multiple clients may become cost prohibitive over time.


If you wish to have greater control and manage multiple "shops" then investment cost are likely to be higher but you will have greater flexibility and control over your e-commerce estate and lose any click and transaction charges.


Having an e-commerce solution is no guarantee of success you will need to invest considerable time in positioning your services and products to meet the expectations of your clients. 


We do not sell e-commerce solutions but we are familiar with many of the e-commerce solutions that are available and we can help guide you to find the right solution for your business that will meet your current and future needs as well as available budget. We can help build a robust and sensible business case. Please remember that simply implementing an e-commerce solution is no guarantee of success, you will need to invest time and effort to make it work. Please contact us for more information.

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